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OlderSmarter-The Podcast

On this episode of OlderSmarter, veteran Los Angeles TV producer Glenn Meehan discusses the challenge of aging in the youth oriented television business. As a producer for shows like Entertainment Tonight, Leeza, Rosie, The Talk, he shares behind-the-scenes stories of working with some of Hollywood's oldest stars

Older And Wiser- The Podcast

Susan Sikora and Bob Bates explore recent public opinions surveys. Watch the latest episode here, or listen to online wherever you get your podcasts.

Just A Minute

A quick roundup of news and information seniors need to know.

Antique Treasure Hunt

Everything old is new again. We've uncovered amazing vintage treasures, shared by the collectors who love them.

On The Road

  Unique landmarks and nostalgia, from

TV Time Machine

A constantly updated playlist of YouTube videos carefully curated for OlderSmarter.

That Was The Way It Was

 We dig up the true stories behind beloved things that are gone forever.   

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